Like A Boss Cosmetics LLC (LAB Cosmetics) specializes in quick and easy to use products selected by CEO Omegia Keeys and COO Kathy Patterson-Taylor. These products include high pigmented and HD eye shadows, Vegan glosses, and lashes. All of LAB Cosmetic's creations are specifically designed for your hue in mind and are cruelty free. 

From a young child, Omegia was always intrigued by the beauty industry as she watched her mother sell Avon. The issue? None of the colors worked for black women unless you mixed them together. LAB Cosmetics LLC is her gift back to her mother. 

Kathy grew up with a love for colors and struggled to find shades that fit. She had a flare for accenting her outfits, yet the colors rarely matched her skin tone. Kathy passed her flare on to her daughter who also loves makeup. LAB Cosmetics LLC is her legacy. 

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